Nothing much happens here so it has been quiet and there has been nothing to write about.

All the usual celebrations have taken place – Easter, the Cherry Festival, the Corpus-Christi procession, etc.

Here is a video of the Corpus Christi event filmed by us:

just in case you haven’t seen it already.


At this time of the year when it has been hot and sunny for a while, of course, everything has dried out and there is a very real risk of fires.  There had been a couple already, of which we had only become aware later.  Thursday evening, the Alcalá la Real fire-brigade were called out again, this time to a fire up near the pass on the old Ruta del Caliphato (N432a).  Although there was a little breeze, there wasn’t enough to carry it far.  We haven’t yet been up that way to see what the total damage is like.




Most people who have taken the slightest interest in geography will be aware that the layout of the land-masses has changed over time as the various tectonic plates on which the countries we know today are sited, move in relation to one another. Africa has been pushing northwards into Spain and in the process, valleys become mountains and vice versa.  The sea in some depressions evaporates and other depressions flood to make new seas.  Those that evaporate often leave salt behind.

Alejandra has been going on walks with Trini, the daughter of one of our neighbours.  Trini is very knowledgeable and has been introducing Alejandra to many interesting places.  One of these is a place where a spring passes through a bed of salt and then comes to the surface into a pond where it evaporates leaving salt behind.


One of the evaporation ponds. The overflow exits at lower right.

The overflow

The overflow

The flecks of white are the sun reflecting off the salt crystals

Pictures above and below:  The flecks of bright white are the sun reflecting off the salt crystals


Ever wondered…

What happens to the aqueous matter from the olives when they are extracting the oil, and the water used for washing the olives?  It is taken to settling ‘tanks’ such as this and the resultant fatty matter is skimmed off and sold to the manufacturers of olive oil soaps and creams.  No we didn’t know that either!


A land of fruitfulness

We get lots of fruit and vegetables here.  Apart from all the cherries there are peppers, aubergines, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuces, onions, apples, kaquis, plums (including greengages and Victoria plums), courgettes, oranges, lemons, quinces, peaches, pomegranates, almonds, walnuts and much, much more.  Currently we are into the fig season and the green frying peppers and aubergines and…:

OK so we've eaten most of them but here will be another lot along soon.

OK so we’ve eaten most of them but here will be another lot along soon.