Yes, I agree it has been a long time since I posted anything.

So what happened to the Cherry festival and the Corpus Christi procession? I was unwell so could not get out to gather news and pictures. To make up for it I will post in a separate posting, some pictures from past years just so that those who haven’t seen them before can get a flavour of some of the things that this village does well.
We have now moved into summer with maximum temperatures getting into the mid to upper 30s Celsius (that’s 95° – 100°F) a.k.a. serious air-con weather. Taking the dogs for their lunchtime walk means shadow-hopping, trying to stay out of the sun which, although by the clock it is about 11.30am, by the sun it is only 9.30am and starting to get hot. By 12 noon UTC (sun-time) it is seriously unwise to be out in the sun, unprotected. Every lunchtime all the household precautions are put into place – persianas down, windows closed, make like a cave house and move into siesta mode.