Last night, at midnight, there was a solemn procession of the “Stations of the Cross” (Vía Crucis) with the “Penitents” dragging their chains.  The solemnity is emphasised by extinguishing the street lights as the procession moves along the various roads.  We took no photographs since the flash would cause a disturbance.  Today we had a more complex procession with the Virgin coming from the parish church to the paseo and the Christ coming from the Ermita to meet on the corner of the paseo.  They salute each other with a bow.  They then form a procession with the Christ leading up the hill to our street, around the old village centre (Plaza del Carmen) past the parish church and along to the Ermita.  Later this evening, (10 p.m.) there will be another solemn precession for the interment.  The new band?  Yes, it is very good and is the band following the Christ in the video.

 This morning’s procession was filmed by Alejandra and is now on You-tube at