Spring seems to be hiccupping its way forward with a few bright and warm days mixed in with some chilly, damp and dismal ones.  Some days we need the log-burner alight, others we don’t.  Many places in Western Europe have been complaining of getting fall-out from Saharan dust-storms.  Such an event is fairly frequent here as well

We are now into April and unlike many countries in much of Europe, in Spain, we do not celebrate April Fool’s day.  Here, as in many other Spanish oriented countries, the jests and pranks played on people occur on December 28th Holy Innocents Day.  As usual, this has religious/biblical origins and, in this case, it’s related to Herod ordering that all the new-born children (the Innocents) be slain and thus took place the first of the massacres that occurred because of this new religion before it even got off the ground.