As mentioned previously, today, Sunday 30th March is Mothering Sunday in the UK .  It is also the day that much of the world (including all of the European Union) starts Daylight Saving Time.  I decided to have a look to see just what the variation around the world might be. 

Obviously in the southern hemisphere, their putting clocks forward or back is opposite to that of the northern hemisphere.  I was surprised to see so many variations.  In the USA, many states go their own way either changing their clocks or not with even variations within the same state.  It must make doing business there very difficult when the businesses in the next town might be open an hour ahead of, or an hour after, your town. 

The USA is not alone in this.  There are 79 countries, where not every location within them observes DST; 67 countries where the entire country does observe DST and 159 countries that do not observe DST at all.  OK, a lot of possibly meaningless statistics, but imagine what the global impact must be on business if your customer/supplier suddenly starts using a different time twice a year and if your location changes clocks on different dates, that could be four times each year when you each have to re-synchronise, your business.  We just thought the biggest problem was currency differences.