As predicted, the first of the swallows has arrived.  As you may know, one of the first things they do on arrival is set about refurbishing the previous year’s nest.  Because last year’s weather was quite benign, many people had exterior works done on their houses (so did we!) and a lot of the nests were removed so it looks as though there will need to be some new builds on the part of the swallows.

Hot water:
We had our roof replaced last year and had a solar hot water panel fitted.  It wasn’t much use during the winter but, already, the water coming through the taps is really quite hot – in fact, too hot without mixing it.

Rubio and Scruffy’s column
We went and had most of our jabs, the other day.   We now have new tags on our collars: Image
All dogs in Andalucía should have one of these tags attached to its collar to show that they, like us, have had their anti-rabies jab.