In the past, we have produced a newsletter entitled “Bulletin from Castillo de Locubín” which some of you may have had difficulty downloading because of the file size taken up by photographs.  We are now trying out doing a blog which you can access without tying up your e-mail’s storage space.

Those of you who keep up with the religious calendar will be aware that we are now in Lent.  Carnival, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday have all passed.  We have burnt our Rama de Pascuas (our blessèd olive branch) that has guarded our house over the last year and now have a vacant holder ready for this year’s rama.  Unlike many countries, here, we do not have a cross made out of a palm leaf for Palm Sunday, we have a small olive branch.  This is quite appropriate since our province produces more olives than anywhere else in the world (roughly 28% of the world’s olives).

Spring is approaching and there are almond and peach trees in blossom and, very soon, the cherry trees will be in full bloom ready for another bumper crop in May and June ready for the Cherry Festival.